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The LAST alone-time protocol you will ever need!

The Home Alone™ Academy is a 16-Week Exclusive Program designed for families who are finding themselves frustrated, emotionally drained, and eager to help their pup build up the comfort necessary to be left alone. This new innovative program is for families that want to approach training right the FIRST time,  learn what it takes to navigate this tricky training process, and feel empowered in knowing they are implementing a proven method for long lasting behavior change. Only 20 Teams will be accepted into this session of the Home Alone Academy, so be sure to book your enrollment call today!

After enrolling in the Home Alone™ Academy my students are able to:

Approach building up comfortable alone time with the most efficient and effective methods available.

Continue working towards their alone time goalswithout the stress of feeling like a prisoner in their own home.

Rest easy knowing that they are doing things right the FIRST time with this proven method of long lasting  behavior change.

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Tell me if this is you...

You are losing sleep over what to do about your dog that cannot be left alone.

You are spending an arm and a leg on daycare, sitters, and running our of options.

You are reading so much conflicting information about how to best approach alone time.

You have received bad advice that DID NOT HELP the issue, and maybe made it worse.

You are ready to tacl;e this behavior concern and stop feeling like a prisoner in your own home.

Are you ready for this?

I completely understand where you are coming from! You do not need to be spending countless hours researching and then worrying that you might not be making the right steps. There is SO much conflicting information out there that it can be really challenging for families to make alone time progress on their own. You no longer need to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on interventions that may or may not make a lasting positive impact on your pup's alone time comfort.

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This is where I step in!

Let's get to the root of the issue, and start shifting the way that your pup FEELS when left alone. With my guidance you can not only start to work towards your goals, but know you are doing so in the most ethical and humane way possible.

Take it from some of my former clients:


Team Arthur

Working with Ally to address Arthur's separation anxiety was the best investment I've made for his wellbeing and for the quality of our relationship. Ally made what was initially a daunting and overwhelming experience manageable with her extraordinary knowledge of behavior combined with her relentless optimism and encouragement.


Team Rudi

I reached out to Ally and felt more hopeful about Rudi’s anxiety after just one meeting; she is so professional, knowledgeable, and positive.Separation anxiety protocols are intensive, but so worthwhile to ensure that Rudi will live a happy, fear-free life when I return to in-person work. I am so grateful for Ally and the important work she does and I highly recommend her!


Team Annie

Ally has been an absolute pleasure to work with! Even though we are hundreds of miles away from her, her program has worked wonders for us. She was able to guide us in the right direction and our pup just officially graduated her program with, get this, a 3.5 hour absence threshold!


Team Fletcher

When I started working with Ally, my dog was triggered the moment he heard me walking toward the front door. Ally did a wonderful job understanding our specific situation and tailoring the training accordingly. She made it so easy for me to implement the training and showed such care (and patience and flexibility) for us throughout the journey.

Do you want to know what implementing a proven method has in store for you?

The ability to leave your house, when you want or need to.

Piece of mind that all of your hard work is going to pay off.

Confidence in a proven method that has helped families all over the world reach their goals.

Freedom to tackle your goals at a pace that works for your family.

What you will get from your Home Alone™ Academy enrollment

16 weeks of guided training support

1 Initial Threshold Assessment

2 additional 1:1 Strategy Sessions

4 group coaching calls

Weekly training feedback

Access to me during business hours through telegram and our shared spreadsheets

What my happy clients have to say:

"After working alongside Ally and steadily working to grow my pups alone time for a few months, my pup graduated to several hours

of comfortable alone time. ALL thanks to Ally!" - Team Hazel

This will be the best investment you will make for your dog's welfare and your own quality of life.

So, who is the Home Alone™ Academy for?

Owners that are ready to start tackling their pup's alone time discomfort

Owners that want to approach training right the FIRST time

Owners that know this can be a challenging journey and want guidance from a leading expert in the field

Owners that are ready to change their pup's lives for the better by increasing welfare

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The Investment



+ one bonus 1:1 Strategy Session

Payment Plans include:

4 payments of $487.50

2 payments of $925

Payment Plans include:

4 payments of $362.50

2 payments of $675

So, what are the next steps?



Fill out an easy enrollment application to give me more information about your pup's individual case and your alone time goals.


Book a Complimentary Enrollment Call via the link in your application confirmation email. Then let's chat!


Once we determine if the Home Alone™ Academy is the best fit for you, it's time to save your seat!