The online, self-paced route to
alone time comfort!


HOME ALONE: Four Phases to Comfort 

The first (and last) online training platform you will need to start building up Home Alone comfort!


Does your pup do any of the following when left alone?


  • whine, bark, or howl?

  • pace around the house?

  • attempt to escape their confinement?

  • dart out the door as you try to leave?

  • become destructive?

  • have defecation or urination accidents?

  • overall appear uncomfortable or stressed?


If you answered yes to any of the above questions, this course is for YOU!


Who will benefit from this course?


  • Pup owners that have tried Kongs, crates, and other "recommendations" online without success

  • Families want to help their pup build up Home Alone comfort in the safest and most comfortable manner available

  • Families that want to get started with training ASAP (like now!)

  • Families that maybe cannot afford a 1:1 trainer

  • Families that just added a new addition and want to be proactive about ensuring that their pups experience comfort when left alone


What makes this course different than others on the market?


  • YOU ARE NOT ALONE! This course allows access to ME via Home Alone: The Support Group! Yep, that's right... you can ask me as many questions as you need!

  • This course is the same invaluable information that I provide to my 1:1 intensive clients with continued success!

  • My Home Alone: Four Phases to Comfort program has helped hundreds of families all over the world reach their Home Alone goals

  • I am continually updating my curriculum, resources, and informational videos to ensure you are receiving the most up to date advice possible

  • If you dive in and feel like you need more 1:1 support, I am here! We can book a 30 minute call, 1 hour call, or you can up your level of support at any time directly through the membership portal of my online training platform!