Success Stories



Arlington Heights, IL

"Ally has been an absolute pleasure to work with! Even though we are hundreds of miles away from her, her program has worked wonders for us. She is incredibly committed to helping pups work through their separation anxiety. When we first came to her, we were at a loss with our pup. She was able to guide us in the right direction and our pup just officially graduated her program with, get this, a 3.5 hour absence threshold! We wouldn't be able to celebrate this accomplishment without recognizing that Ally is the mastermind behind it. Forever grateful we found her!!"



Minneapolis, MN

“Working with Ally is the best investment we’ve made for our dogs during the pandemic. We have three dogs: a senior rescue who has had separation anxiety for the past 6 years, and two pandemic pups that have never been left alone. As our employers started talking about returning to the office, we felt overwhelmed: how do you prepare 3 dogs like ours for a transition like that? We found Ally on Instagram, and after our initial consultation, the overwhelm melted away. Ally provided such helpful clarity, structure, and guidance that was so unbelievably beneficial. Ally was such a great cheerleader during the time we worked together, and her positivity helped us feel like we could accomplish our goals. We’ve since ‘graduated’ from the program, and after her help we felt empowered to continue this training and work on our own. If you’re struggling with alone time, or have a dog with separation anxiety, we HIGHLY recommend working with Ally.”



Miami, FL

"I am so happy that I hired a CSAT using Malena DeMartini's method of sub-threshold training. I had done extensive sub-threshold training on my own after doing some research and reading Malena DeMartini's book with some success, however, I felt as if I would benefit from some additional support since the ups and downs of separation anxiety training can be very emotionally taxing. With my CSAT, Ally Verba, I was able to change up my pup's set-up when left alone, better understand his stress signals and body language, add in all the pre-departure cues, and ultimately get some long durations under our belts. I now feel more confident continuing the training on my own because of all the support and coaching I got from my CSAT. I highly suggest working with a CSAT whether you are just getting started on your journey, experiencing a plateau or regression, or just need some extra personalized support to keep you sane!  We are finally feeling as if getting our pup over his separation anxiety is actually possible and we look forward to many successful departures and stress-free alone time for our family in the years to come."



Abudhabi, UAE

"We worked with Ally from Malena's team for our pups separation anxiety issues. When we approached the team our Pup Dora (1.2 yrs Old Golden Female) was not I good state for alone time. Whenever we used to leave her even for small time like half an hour, she used to vocalize all the time with slight destruction tendencies. After working with Ally in an online training program with weekly live reviews and daily programs we saw tremendous improvement with Dora. We managed to build up an alone and comfortable time for Dora of close to an hour during the training period itself using the methods and material provided by Ally. We continued the journey on our own after that and were always on an uphill improvement.

We strongly recommend the team for any separation anxiety related issues for your pups and the online program works fine even with time differences.( we did this in UAE, so anything is feasible)"



San Luis Obispo, CA

"Ally gave Daffne and I the confidence to explore time alone and work towards our goals. Separation anxiety can be a scary thing to work though, but with Ally’s help and a plan in place I felt like I had support through the process. Daffne and I are working on our own now after we reached the 30 minute mark, but It is nice to know that I can always go back and ask for help along the way."



Berkeley, CA

"My dog, Clove, would bark and whine seconds after I closed the door, even if I was going to get the mail or take out the recycling. It was very stressful and I didn't know what to do. In a few short weeks, with a lot of guidance from my CSAT, Clove was able to be alone for almost ten minutes. I never would have known how to start and I highly recommend this program for anyone who is struggling with helping their dog with separation anxiety. We are now moving towards longer periods of time with ease!"



Portland, OR

"Ally is the absolute best and honestly, I do not know where we would be without her. We had no idea what we were getting ourselves into when we brought home a Goldendoodle who would not stay in a crate or anywhere by himself.  We literally could not take a shower without him going crazy. With Ally's consistent training and encouragement, I am happy to say he is now able to be alone.  He also has been hanging out with Ally 2 days a week since he was a few months old and we have the best trained (loose leash walker!!), most socially comfortable pup I could have ever dreamed of.  I cannot recommend Ally enough - completely worth the investment and your dog will love her!"



Ridgefield, WA

"I reached to Ally because my 6 year old dog started to suffer with separation anxiety. I was so fortunate to have her in my area. She came to my home and set up a schedule to monitor and slowly bring my dog back to where he is more comfortable with me leaving the house. Ally really cares about both the pet and the owners. I highly recommend her to you. She is amazing! Thanks Ally for helping my little guy and myself!"



White Plains, NY

"Working with Ally was wonderful! She was incredibly patient, communicative, and optimistic about my dog Walter's process and we definitely saw progress in the time we worked together. Would recommend!"



San Francisco, CA

"When I started working with Ally, my dog was triggered the moment he heard me walking toward the front door. He would absolutely lose it when I left – barking non-stop, barely giving himself time to breathe between barks until I returned (be it 20 minutes or over an hour). He had no control, which was heartbreaking, and I felt trapped in my home. I read books, I watched online trainings, I listened to podcasts – but I still didn't feel equipped to cure my dog's separation anxiety. Working through the Malena DeMartini four-week separation program was a game changer. I was finally able to understand the stress he was going through and had the tools to help him get comfortable with me leaving. Ally did a wonderful job understanding our specific situation and tailoring the training accordingly. She made it so easy for me to implement the training and showed such care (and patience and flexibility) for us throughout the journey. While we're still working on longer and longer durations, my dog is comfortable with me leaving (and no barking!), and I feel comfortable leaving him alone. It's been a slow and steady process, but I saw results immediately and the growth has been rewarding for both of us – and quite frankly a relief."



Portland, OR

"Like everyone else going into quarantine back in 2020, we thought getting a puppy would be easy while we were at home. What we soon learned is that raising a puppy in these circumstances just came with its own challenges. Ally taught us how to approach our puppy's separation anxiety from a new perspective and she gave us the tools to successfully address each of her needs on our own terms. I knew Ally was going to help us tremendously when we started to see major changes with our dog from the first session! It was amazing to see changes in her demeanor week after week. I would highly recommend Ally to anyone trying to build trust with their dog." 



Santa Monica, CA

I am so grateful to have found and worked with Ally this spring and appreciate everything she's done for me and my dog. I adopted him in December and he had previously lived in and out of a rescue, two homes and at least 3 foster homes, so it was no surprise that he came with separation anxiety. His threshold was less than a minute alone, which left me feeling pretty hopeless with how to manage this and move forward (I read up on it, tried multiple different methods- nothing was working). 

After doing the initial assessment with Ally, we started building his comfort very very slowly. Minutes felt like huge milestones and it seemed to be working, but of course I wondered, if it is taking weeks just to get up to 5 minutes, how many months/years will it take to get to several hours? Ally got creative with different warm up sets that were specific to what Peanut needed, and that was a game changer in his success. What was a surprise to me was once we hit the 30 minute mark (at the end of our 2nd month) the sessions became easier and easier and our third and final month with Ally was a breeze and a beautiful thing to witness. My goal with Ally was to get him to an hour, and we surpassed that by hitting 90 minutes during our last assessment.

Building Peanut's confidence inch by inch for 5 days a week those first three months gave him the foundation and confidence he needed to understand that I'm always coming back, and he is perfectly fine on his own. I am now continuing the same structure of training I learned from Ally, and am proud to say that we've reached the 3 hour mark just 3 weeks after our last session with Ally (and now 1 hour/75/90 minutes are normal things we do every week, and we've started doing double daily sessions too)! Remembering back to our very first 3 weeks, we went from 0 minutes to 6, it is clear to me that Ally's philosophy has worked for us. Of course, every situation is different and every pup will have completely different timelines, but just know if you trust the process and stay consistent, the hard work will pay off!  We are forever grateful for Ally! 



Aurora, IL

"I knew it was common for rescue dogs to experience anxiety when left alone, but I had no idea how severe it could be until I got my puppy. From the moment I got Rudi, he couldn’t be separated from me for longer than a second without crying, among other worrisome behaviors. I felt so overwhelmed and needed professional help. I reached out to Ally and felt more hopeful about Rudi’s anxiety after just one meeting; she is so professional, knowledgeable, and positive. Rudi began making progress immediately with the individualized daily training plans I received. The spreadsheet Ally created for me outlined training steps and gave me space to document his behavior and ask questions. She was so flexible throughout the program and gave me tons of great tips and advice. Separation anxiety protocols are intensive, but so worthwhile to ensure that Rudi will live a happy, fear-free life when I return to in-person work. I am so grateful for Ally and the important work she does and I highly recommend her!"



London, UK

"Working with Ally has been one of the best things I have done for my puppy. To have someone so knowledgeable, calm, and organized take you through a really well thought out program meant that the stress completely melted away. I felt like we had a cheerleader and a problem solver all in one, which meant that we made quick progress and never felt overwhelmed! I would recommend Ally to anyone, whether that is someone with a pup with separation anxiety or whether you have a new pup and want to start them off with an alone time protocol right from the start! Thank you for all your help Ally!"



Burlington, VT

"Ally worked with us helping Tofu's separation anxiety for six months between Oct/2020 and Apr/2021. Tofu is a six-year-old Schnauzer mix rescued from the streets of Brazil when he was around six months. He always presented some signs of separation anxiety, such as vocalizations when we leave the house, chewing things, and peeing in the wrong spots while alone. Things significantly got worse following the COVID-19 pandemic. As everyone was working from home, Tofu always had someone with him, therefore staying alone even for short periods was very stressful for him. On top of that, he moved from Brazil to Vermont in October, which also disrupted his comfort zone. At this point, he was experiencing major stress whenever we left the house, even for a very short period.


Upon recommendations, we reached the Malena DeMartini team and were forwarded to Ally. Ally quickly spotted what was going on and what were the triggers to his vocalizations and destructive behaviors. Although we thought it would be challenging to transmit a nuanced perspective of his behavior through Zoom calls, it was not an issue. Ally was able to spot even small details on Tofu's behavior that an untrained eye could not catch. That allowed an individualized training set that was effective and, most importantly, respected Tofu's tolerance without putting him in stressful situations. Ally helped prepare the training sets and weekly/bi-weekly follow-ups, but a positive outcome is highly constrained to meeting the proposed schedule in a disciplined way. This can be hard but pays off.


Tofu made significant improvements in the first months. However, we realized that he stagnated at some point. Ally suggested that combining behavioral training and medications would be very beneficial to Tofu. Tofu's Vet corroborated her suggestion, and following this, Tofu kept a consistent improvement. Right now, Tofu is doing super well and does not show any sign of separation anxiety, even when my wife and I stay out of home for more than 9 hours.  We have never reached this point even before the COVID-19 pandemic, so we are very happy with the results and very grateful to Ally's support. It might not be fast to see big improvements, and it requires a lot of homework and patience. However, it pays off, especially if you are looking for a long-term solution through a process that respects the dog's limits."